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It is completely normal to lose a tooth but it does leave us feeling that everyone is looking at the gap when we smile or laugh. However, often, if the teeth are hidden at the back of the mouth people tend not to replace their missing teeth or keep putting it off as they believe it is difficult or expensive to put right. It is much more difficult and expensive to replace a tooth when it has been missing for some time so don’t put it off, deal with it immediately. What could possibly happen when you lose a tooth you may ask, several things in fact.

Your jaw bone will start to be resorbed, you lose 25% bone in the first 12 months.

You may think this is not that significant but what it means is that if you want to have an implant you will first have to go and get a bone graft which will take between 3 and 8 months to grow to the required level. If you leave it longer your face may begin to sag in that area.

The next point is that your teeth work together so there will be an effect on the remaining teeth.The lack of a tooth puts strain on the other teeth. We often see patients who have lost their back teeth so have learned to chew with their front teeth. Front teeth were not designed for chewing and so these become worn. Teeth also help each other to stay in place so when a tooth is lost the neighboring teeth start to lean towards the gap. Again this causes problems when you finally get round to fixing the problem and also effects eating and speaking. Finally, your teeth grow to meet the opposing tooth, if there is no tooth there the opposing teeth continue to grow to meet the gum.

So the question is not ‘should I get my gaps fixed?’ its, ‘how should I deal with my gaps?’

Fortunately it is very easy to fix and you have a number of options, implants,a denture, a fixed bridge or a bonded bridge. Our experience dentists at Hungarian Dental Travel will devise a treatment plan that takes into consideration your age,where your gaps are, how many you have, your general state of oral health as well as what your objectives are with having treatment.

Hungarian Dental Travel has been helping patients find the best possible treatment in Hungary since 2004. Now part of Hand Picked Clinics, we are expanding our country coverage with the aim of helping more people from all over the globe.

We can introduce you to some of the best dental clinics in Hungary (and beyond). We know the ins and outs of travelling abroad for treatment. We are not tied to one clinic and we are not dentists, just normal humans.

Every treatment plan is as individual as you are. You will get world class treatment at an affordable price. Our dentists are skilled at designing solutions that both save you money and focus on your long term oral health.

Send us a short message outlining what you want to acheive - restore your self-esteem, a perfect smile, being able to chew properly, your objective will be our aim as we do our best to guide you through.

We have hand picked a small number of clinics in Hungary with some of the best dentists and dental surgeons around.

We only gather the information we have to in order to provide the service we offer and we only share that information with the dentists in our selected clinics. Simple.

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