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Many people travel to Hungary (or elsewhere) to seek solutions to problems with their teeth which they either cannot afford to have deal with in their home country or because they are not satisfied with the standard or type of care available at home.

Dental surgeons in Hungary are highly trained and typically much more experienced in complex procedures than the average dentist in the UK for example. Because of the now long history of dental tourism to Hungary, particularly from nearby neighbours such as Germany and Austria, our hand picked dental surgeons have a workload which is far from the routine checkups and minor dental work that constitutes the typical working day of most dentists.

Hungary is known for the excellence of the dental training available in its universities and ambitious students travel to Hungary from all over the world to avail themselves of the first class undergraduate and postgraduate training in its four main institutions.

Semmelweis, in Budapest is currently (2018) the 5th highest ranking university in the whole of Europe according to the Time Higher Education Supplement:

Each year, 95-100 first-year Hungarian students begin their studies at the Faculty, while there are a total of  some 70-80 foreign students enrolled in the English and German language programmes. The total number of dental students studying at the Faculty is near 800. The Dental Faculty has 100 full and part time professors and tutors. The major theoretical and clinical subjects are taught by the Faculty of Medicine.

Because of the prestigious and long established universities with both Hungarian and English language courses, the infrastructure around dentistry, including the vital work of skilled dental technicians, has grown to such a state that makes it very difficult for any other destination to compete in terms of quality.

Whether you have missing, broken, crooked, or decaying teeth, you can be certain that you will get the best and most cost-effective treatment through Hungarian Dental Travel, part of Hand Picked Clinics.

Many of us have been traumatised in the past by our experience of going to the dentist at home, as a child or even as an adult. Vast numbers of people avoid going to the dentist regularly not only because of the high cost, but because of this fundamental lack of trust and confidence in dentists. You can be assured that this was at the forefront of our minds when selecting the panel of dental surgeons we recommend to you. Our dental surgeons have considerable expertise and experience in dealing with phobic patients and will treat you with patience and understanding.

Help yourself get the best Solution



Do ask your dentist if something is not clear or you do not fully understand something. It is advisable not to go overboard with your questions but make sure everything is clear before proceeding. Do not hesitate if something is bugging you. It is best to ask than be sorry later.

Existing Medical Conditions

Inform the dentist if you have an on-going medical problem (especially heart diseases, blood pressure problem, stroke, diabetes etc) and what medication you are taking. Some types of dental treatment need preparation, close monitoring and management if you are suffering from certain conditions.


Smoking has really bad affects on oral hygiene and treatments like dental implants are not always an option for heavy smokers. Let the dentist know in advance if you are a smoker and ask what the possible complications are. The success rates of implants is reduced for smokers so it should be a consideration to stop or cut down before having this type of treatment.


Make sure you look after your teeth and oral hygiene after the treatment, as well. Do brush two times a day, every day and monitor your recovery. Don’t forget the importance of regular check-ups. Once you have completed your dental treatment in Hungary, try to prevent further dental problems.

Hungarian Dental Travel has been helping patients find the best possible treatment in Hungary since 2004. Now part of Hand Picked Clinics, we are expanding our country coverage with the aim of helping more people from all over the globe.

We can introduce you to some of the best dental clinics in Hungary (and beyond). We know the ins and outs of travelling abroad for treatment. We are not tied to one clinic and we are not dentists, just normal humans.

Every treatment plan is as individual as you are. You will get world class treatment at an affordable price. Our dentists are skilled at designing solutions that both save you money and focus on your long term oral health.

Send us a short message outlining what you want to acheive - restore your self-esteem, a perfect smile, being able to chew properly, your objective will be our aim as we do our best to guide you through.

We have hand picked a small number of clinics in Hungary with some of the best dentists and dental surgeons around.

We only gather the information we have to in order to provide the service we offer and we only share that information with the dentists in our selected clinics. Simple.

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