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For some people the anxiety around dentists starts with the very thought of having treatment. For these people the advice below becomes irrelevant because they may not make it to the dental chair.

For severely anxious people the most important factor becomes the chair side manner of the dentist and the amount of time he/she is willing to spend allaying your fears before you even book your flight.

We would recommend that such anxious people should never go to large clinics where you may be just a number. Contact small boutique clinics, such as those at Hungarian Dental Travel, with a family atmosphere where you can develop a trusting relationship with the dentist. Sometimes exchanging numerous emails and phone calls actually adds to the anxiety rather than relieve it and we have known some people to change their mind at this stage.

Retaining a sense of control is very important and we would therefore encourage anyone with moderate to severe anxiety to visit the dentist first for a consultation knowing that you can change your mind at any time.

Sedation can be used for any type of dental visit from a consultation to an implant depending on the level of fear and anxiety.

Oral sedation

If you have slight anxiety an oral tablet may be given to take the edge off this this such as a benzodiazepine. You will feel drowsy and will probably fall asleep but will awaken easily.

Intravenous Sedation

This is also known as ‘conscious sedation’ or ‘twilight sedation’. It is very effective in most patients, even those who have previously only had treatment under general anesthesia. Some people, however, such as those who have been on long term sleeping tablets are quite resistant to this.

The dentist will give you an intravenous sedative such as midazolam which is part of the benzodiazepine family or propofol. They both have a fast onset on action, maximum 5 minutes and wears off within an hour as well. They have a predictable profile and the dentist will keep giving you tiny amounts until optimum sedation in achieved. You will be able to hear and understand what is going on around you in this state, but it may sound muffled or far away. Neither has any analgesic effect at all.

Some patients cannot recall the procedure afterwards. The groggy effects, however, will remain for 6 hours and you will not be allowed to drive home. You should be accompanied by someone who can take you back to your hotel. This is usually billed as an extra and may be around 300 Euros (350 dollars).

  • You cannot wear nail polish or artificial nails if you are having sedation.
  • You cannot eat or drink for 2 hours before the procedure and this should only be a light meal.
  • You must be accompanied by an adult.
  • You cannot drive for 24 hours afterwards.

General Anaesthesia

General Anaesthesia is possible at our Budapest Clinic. Your treatment will be undertaken at a local hospital and an anaesthetist will be contracted. This will add to the cost of your treatment by around 560 EUR (circa 650 USD).

In addition to the above you may receive a local anaesthetic such as lidocaine. The dentist will dry the area with air or gauze then apply lidocaine gel before injecting some more lidocaine. The effects of this last a couple of hours. The use of lidocaine is well documented and very safe, however, ensure you tell the dentist of all the drugs you take and any untoward reactions you have had from any drugs in the past.

Hungarian Dental Travel has been helping patients find the best possible treatment in Hungary since 2004. Now part of Hand Picked Clinics, we are expanding our country coverage with the aim of helping more people from all over the globe.

We can introduce you to some of the best dental clinics in Hungary (and beyond). We know the ins and outs of travelling abroad for treatment. We are not tied to one clinic and we are not dentists, just normal humans.

Every treatment plan is as individual as you are. You will get world class treatment at an affordable price. Our dentists are skilled at designing solutions that both save you money and focus on your long term oral health.

Send us a short message outlining what you want to acheive - restore your self-esteem, a perfect smile, being able to chew properly, your objective will be our aim as we do our best to guide you through.

We have hand picked a small number of clinics in Hungary with some of the best dentists and dental surgeons around.

We only gather the information we have to in order to provide the service we offer and we only share that information with the dentists in our selected clinics. Simple.

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