“False teeth anybody?”- Please, say no

An article published by the Mail Online in November 2011 describing how bone augmentation and dental implants can transform the lives of people living with false teeth or dentures contained a shocking statistic.

Around 11 million Britons have false teeth, but the pressure they exert on the gums can often lead to the underlying bone dissolving, so the dentures no longer fit.

This erosion means those who have worn dentures for years and are considering dental implants – titanium rods placed in the jawbone to hold false teeth in place – are unable to have them. This is because there is too little bone for them to be securely anchored.

A scientific paper published in Nature based on 1998 survey data predicted that by 2018 the percentage of adults with no teeth would be 5% – it had been as high as 37% in 1968!

reducing trend of adults without teeth

This prediction may have been slightly over optimistic according to the bods over at National Smile Month who say that still 6% of adults have no natural teeth in 2018. And nearly half of the population are unhappy with the teeth they do have!

If you are a wearer of dentures and have suffered the bone loss described by the Mail Online story, and are unable or unwilling to afford the inflated private prices charged in the UK for implant supported dentures such as All on Four or All on Six, there are much more affordable options available in Hungary. So please get in touch and let us explain your options.

Say No to the inconvenience of false teeth and the social and dietary sacrifices that come with them. There is no need to spend the 20,000 GBP spent by Chrissy Rock to achieve the life changing result.

Chrissy Rock after implants

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