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It can be daunting to travel abroad for dental treatment – we aim to demystify the process and help you acheive the best results.

Ten Years of Dental Tourism to Hungary

Pop-up Dentistry 2008 Its 10 years since Hungarian Dental Travel hit the front pages of national and local newspapers with the innovative idea of a pop-up dental surgery touring the UK. This unique happening was a once off to demonstrate the quality of the Hungarian...

“False teeth anybody?”- Please, say no

An article published by the Mail Online in November 2011 describing how bone augmentation and dental implants can transform the lives of people living with false teeth or dentures contained a shocking statistic. Around 11 million Britons have false teeth, but the...

Dental Implant Guarantees

Dental Implant Guarantee Budapest Although I have every respect for the worldwide dental profession, I do have concerns that patients are not getting the right information about what is covered by the guarantee when having dental implants placed. If your dental...

Which Crown Material is Best?

Dental Crown Materials A dental crown is used to replicate the part of a natural tooth which is above the gum line and encases a damaged, decayed or heavily filled tooth to give strength, function and better appearance. Crowns are also used to restore a missing tooth...

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